Personal Training and Strength and Conditioning

3 Days Of Free Strength and Conditioning Classes

Hybrid Training Class

Our core program. A combination of the 3 most effective elements: cardio, free weights and calisthenics. You will learn how to handle  your own body first and then different type of free weights and do so in an intense calorie burning session.


Circuit Training Class

Fast paced, multiple stations class. The movements we use here are inspired and mimic boxing, kickboxing and mma to get you and keep you in shape fast.If you like punching and kicking this is the class for you.


Barbell Training Class

Focused specifically on developing skills for the barbell moves used in our Hybrid/triune training program. This program will give you the foundation handle barbells and safely and efficiently execute any weightlifting movement.


Evgueny Metchenov


– Crossfit LEVEL II
– ACSM Certified Personal Trainer
– B.S. in Physical Education
– NASM Fitness Nutrition Specialist
– PRO Boxing and Brazilian JIU JITSU

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